Services Provided

1. Initial inspections and rekeys within 24 hours of acquisition. Rekey to company master and install lockbox.
2. Provide interior and exterior trash removal and cleaning within I week of acquisition. Before and after pictures provided.
3. Determine occupancy status and obtain occupant name and fair market rent value if occupied.
4. Assist attorney with unlawful detainer proceedings. May represent client in court hearing if so desired. Provide a list of competent local real estate attorneys.
5. Provide an accurate and complete Broker Price Opinion.
6. Provide an accurate certified appraisal from competent licensed, local appraiser within 3 weeks, in most cases.
7. Provide an itemized list of property damage and cost to repair from licensed, insured, and competent contractor.
8. Provide an itemized list of all improvements and costs necessary to minimize competition and decrease marketing time.
9. Provide professional monthly maintenance services on all properties.
10. List each property in the local MLS directory for maximum exposure to all agents.
I 1. Advertise all properties in local newspapers, trade magazines, etc..
12. Solicit and obtain legitimate, acceptable offers and negotiate all terms and conditions with buyers.
13. Provide termite reports and certifications from competent and licensed Pest Control companies.
14. Provide escrow and title assistance with local companies.
15. Promote seller financing if so desired, or provide source of available financing.
16. Provide complete and accurate marketing plans and strategies, and financial projections for each property.
17. Provide weekly inspections of all properties.
18. Field all inquiry calls from public.
19. Provide well and septic reports from reputable companies.
20. Start and stop all utilities.
21. Review and approve all expense billings before submitting to client for payment.
22. Obtain names and addresses of HOA associations.
23. Provide a monthly status report on all properties.
24. Actual on site inspection of each property by the broker of the company.
25. Twenty-four hour phone contact available.. 

Benefits of Service

Better return on investment.
Less client management time and attention required; thereby allowing client time for more important matters.
Reduced holding cost and holding time, lowering clients cost.
Familiarity with REO management policies, procedures, and guidelines. Able to interact with client at any level of involvement desired to achieve company goals.
Over 20 years experience in the field.
Centrally located with a more thorough knowledge of the real estate market
Quick and accurate market analysis and strategies.
Highly trained and experienced staff.
Quick response times to new acquisitions, emergencies, or urgent problems.
10. 24 hour contact available.
I 1. Complete hands on management.